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Management of Real Estate

Fincas Llúria manage all kind of property, small, large, joint property ... for us they are all equally important. We offer a set of highly professional , exclusive and personalized services to our customers .
Among the services offered in the rental sector, include:

  • Direct relationship with the tenant, update rents, dunning and delinquencies, evictions, debt recovery, contract terminations ...
  • Claim for damages that may be caused to the property ( whether caused by third parties such as tenants themselves) and monitoring of the damage caused to other properties .
  • Coordination of industrial visits , expert ...
  • Processing of claims to third parties or insurance companies
  • Direct contact with the managing agent of the community (control of expenses and , where appropriate , attendance at meetings of owners).
  • Maintenance of rented homes or rental and processing of certificates of occupancy
  • Resolving issues with utility companies , pipeline supply high ...
  • Control of income and expenses associated with settlements ...

Fincas Llúria also take care of procedures for land inheritance, settlement deeds, efforts in the Mercantile Registry and the Registry of Property , steps to the Cadastre . Transact company formation and modification of statutes , general advice in civil and commercial matters . Processing of administrative resources , taxes , penalties, accounts , balance sheets, financial statements and official books.

Valuation. Sale and Rent

Management of all types of properties throughout the state, according to market price valuation, processing the sale and / or rental income and production contracts.

Wide range of properties for rent, demands active tenants in order to find the property searched.

Sale at the best price through our portfolio of potential buyers.

Search management property.

We have several real estate websites to advertise and streamline management.

Fincas Llúria

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